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Before I was a photographer, I was a bride. Not surprisingly, our wedding photography was important to me. We chose a talented photographer to document our day. And we took home with us…a DVD (whomp whomp whomp!). The thing is we had print credit and we never used it. It’s overwhelming looking through hundreds of photos and […]

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Back in December I had the pleasure of photographing a holiday storytelling session for the Herrera family. Their family is still very young, and they are creating traditions as they go along. A real Christmas tree is a must for daddy. They have a wonderful collection of ornaments. My favorites were the vintage ornaments handed down […]

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Meet the Griffiths! Mama loves Christmas so much she counts down the days every year! When I asked her what her favorite activities were for the season her answer was, “all of them!” When I found out they already had their Christmas pajamas, I was all in. We decided to document decorating the tree, sipping on […]

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One of the hardest things to do, as both a mama and a business owner, is to schedule time feed my soul. My focus is constantly on taking care everyone/everything else, and not myself. Can you relate? The problem is when you give and give and give eventually you are left with nothing left to […]

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Four years ago, after 52 hours of labor and one entire series of Star Trek Deep Space Nine, I became a mom. I could not have predicted the many lessons my daughter would teach me. Here are just a few: It’s going to take hundreds of steps to learn how to walk. And even when you […]