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We’ve been having an unusually wet winter here in Southern California. I have to say I’m really enjoying it! We’re so used to hot, dry drought conditions and this is a glorious break. A couple of weeks ago my daughter finally outgrew the rain boots she has had for the past two years. And normally […]

I am your parent. You are my child. I am your quiet place. You are my wild. I am your calm face.  You are my giggle. I am your wait. You are my wiggle. I am your dinner. You are my chocolate cake. I am your bedtime.  You are my wide awake. I am your lullaby.  You are my […]

Before I was a photographer, I was a bride. Not surprisingly, our wedding photography was important to me. We chose a talented photographer to document our day. And we took home with us…a DVD (whomp whomp whomp!). The thing is we had print credit and we never used it. It’s overwhelming looking through hundreds of photos and […]