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Rain | Simi Valley Child Photographer

running rain puddlesWe’ve been having an unusually wet winter here in Southern California. I have to say I’m really enjoying it! We’re so used to hot, dry drought conditions and this is a glorious break.

A couple of weeks ago my daughter finally outgrew the rain boots she has had for the past two years. And normally that would be fine because when there is rain in the forecast it’s usually a little sprinkle, or it rains while we sleep. It’s never very wet where we live. Except now, it’s been raining almost every day and she has no waterproof shoes; all the stores are sold out. Thank goodness for Amazon!

Of course when her new boots arrived we HAD to find puddles and break them in.

Please enjoy the Grateful Heart Project week 1: Rain

rain puddles play funWhile my daughter was at school one day I decided to shoot for myself. The hills are so green and gorgeous right now. And the skies are filled with big dramatic clouds. I stopped at a lookout in Big Sky and walked around looking for inspiration. Boy did I find some.

The rain has washed away the dirt from the skies and the trees and given new life to the Earth below. I feel renewed as well. Happy new year!

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  • Shannon - Beautiful. So much fun. My little guy wears his rain boots everywhere, to the point that they really are. It waterproof anymore lol.ReplyCancel

  • Alex - Beautiful post! Loved meeting your daughter in here!ReplyCancel

  • Joy - This is such a beautiful post. I love all of the images so much!!!! My spirit belongs in CA… maybe someday ❤ReplyCancel

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