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Growth and Grace | The Grateful Heart Project

arranging flowersMy word for this week was growth.

I had this idea in my head that I would document how much my daughter has grown. She’s five years old now. There are no traces of a baby left in my little girl. She’s starting to read and write; learning how to take care of herself. She looks gigantic in my bed. I can barely hold her in my arms anymore. Where has the time gone?

In all honesty I almost didn’t have any pictures to post. Sometimes I can’t get enough of photographing the world around me. Other times I feel too overwhelmed with life to hassle with it. This was one of those weeks. I had the feeling of overwhelm, lack of motivation, and lots of dark days (it rained heavily all week). I was already beating myself up for failing my project in the second week.

Instead of quitting I gave myself grace, bought myself flowers, and decided to buck up and try to shoot something. The week wasn’t quite over. I still had Saturday. I didn’t capture every moment I envisioned, but I’m happy I didn’t give up.

So this post is late and that’s okay.

Week 2: Growth and Grace

mother holding childchild sleeping child sleeping


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  • Stacy - I have to remember to do that for myself..I’m so glad you didn’t give up.. love that pic of you hugging o..ReplyCancel

  • Joy Huber - I love this post so much!!! This is what it’s all about. Great job pulled no through. You have some beautiful images and a badge of grace to show for it ❤ReplyCancel

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